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Team Leaders

The 37th North Carolina Regiment has many volunteers that bring special skill sets to the table.  

These volunteers are taken under the wing of our team leaders to help perform a variety of tasks providing the best living history experience possible.  Here we share the profiles of these team leaders.  Thanks to them, we are able to organize our generous volunteers into groups that maximize their collective output as educators to the public.

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Maj. General John C. Houck

  In September of '89 Maj. General John C. Houck & his Son Darren started their long career in Civil War Reenacting in Havre De Grace, Maryland.  Two weeks later they were already hooked and headed to another event in their home state!  The following year they joined The Maryland Signal Detatchment under Capt. Tom Foster. In 1991 they started Co. A 37th Reg, North Carolina in honor of their five ancestors who served in the original 37th.  To date, It remains a family affair thanks to the wives who also participate.

Maj. Darren Houck

Maj. Darren Houck and his father John caught the reenacting bug the moment a family friend showed him how to safely use a black powder pistol. Putting in the time as a volunteer, Darren quickly became well respected in the community and rose through the ranks.  He now is the commander of the artillery unit and brings a whole new level of safety & education to the many spectators that the 37th North Carolina serves.

Sgt. Danea Selby
Sgt. Danea Selby

Sgt. Danea Selby is from Port Penn, Delaware. With 40 years experience she is also a long time leader with the group.  She brings a well respected authority for discipline, safety, and education to the "big guns."  Our female ancestors who served in The American Civil War are properly represented by her tireless work.  Anyone who meets Sgt. Selby learns quickly that safety is required to earn her respect.

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Lt. Pat Peters

Lt. Pat "Doc" Peters turns an ordinary event into a personal experience with his humor and expertise from the common soldiers perspective.  Starting his long career as a 6' 7" Chatty Yankee Colonel, he now graces the Rebel Army with his medical expertise, thorough cannon safety inspections, and all around good time education.  He has become a mentor to anyone serious about safety, reliablility, and the ability to have a good time!

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